UPDATE: I Won a 1TB Sandisk Hard Drive from Lazada Online Revolution Contest! But I Got a 32" TV Instead

So Lazada Philippines just had its Online Revolution for the year that ran from November 11 until December 12, 2016 where discounts on products went up as high as 95% off. The Online Revolution Online Sale is actually not only for the Pinoy online shoppers to score big discounts and irresistible deals from their favorite brands but also for bloggers and online influencers like me to score commissions for every sale that we are to generate through our promotions. As a blogger I get a chance to promote some of these best deals either through this blog or through my social media channels. So if you have been following me on Twitter or Facebook for quite a while now, you have most probably seen some of those posts I made about Lazada items.  

 Now in addition to the sale commissions that we generated from Lazada via this most recent Online Revolution event, there was also another contest that Lazada Philippines ran during this same period exclusively for blogger and digital influencers. Prizes varied from one week to another until the grand draw date that was held on December 16th. Some of the prizes were JBL headphones, Syma Quadcopter Drone, foot mask, massage essential set, SD card, flatscreen TVs from Ace, Sandisk Hard drive and many more.

The mechanics of this exclusive contest was very simple, we promote Lazada flash deals or write articles about Lazada online shopping features either on our respective blogs or social media accounts and then just submit those post links to Lazada as our official entries. I submitted a couple of entries in the hopes of winning a drone, JBL headset or even a hoverboard. Of course I was not really expecting much since I know there was a lot of competitive bloggers who wanted to join and win these same cool prizes.

Well, luckily after sending a couple of  posts to Lazada, I was one of the lucky winners of their Week 4 contest! Yay! My winning post is titled "Quick Tutorial: How to Order from Lazada." And what item I won? It's a 1TB Sandisk Hard Drive.

You know it was actually awesome since I had been planning to buy one of my own external hard drives so I could store all or most of my important files outside a PC or laptop that I have. Of course other reason is portability and convenience, so that in case I would need to be outside the house for a longer period of time than usual I could still have my files with me wherever I go. And to be honest, I really had no idea that a 1TB Sandisk Hard Drive existed. So I immediately logged on to Lazada website and checked how it looked like. Unfortunately, there was none available on Lazada site at that moment. Maybe it was just out of stock. I went to Google and started googling it. I couldn't find any and I don't know why maybe I was just doing it wrong. Anyway I gave up and decided to just wait for the product itself to be delivered to me.

A couple of days after the announcement of winners, I got a call from someone from Lazada informing me that the 1TB Sandisk Hard Drive I won was currently not available and they had no idea when it would be back in stock. I was a bit sad after hearing the not-so-good news. But they wanted me to get my prize as soon as possible so they gave me other items to choose from. I don't remember all the items in options but there were two that stood out because you know those were I thought the best alternatives instead of the original item. An ADATA 256GB SSD and a 32-inch Slim LED TV from Ace were the items.

Being the Ace TV having a much higher price tag than the ADATA SSD one (not to mention I currently don't need or want an SSD ), I chose the TV. Not because we don't have TV, in fact I rarely watch TV nowadays as I mostly spend my time online to catch up with what's happening around, but because I plan to sell this TV and buy the hard drive I want. Nice move right? hehe. It's already December 29th and I still don't have the TV, and because it's almost new year I think I will have it some time early next month. Once it arrives, I will probably create an unboxing post about this item and try for a couple of days before selling it out to relatives or friends.

Lazada Online Revolution happens every year. Expect another one to take place in November until December of 2017. And since it's getting bigger and more successful every year, we can expect the 2017 Lazada Online Revolution to be much more exciting than ever for Filipino shoppers.

UPDATE: 1/23/2017

Finally, I have received the Ace LED HD TV through the mail today! Thanks so much to Lazada Philippines for making sure that I will get this as soon as possible. Though there was a bit of a delay, it's almost a month actually, maybe due to some additional process that this thing needed to go through before release since it is a prize and not just a regular purchase. Now, that it's here, I will be unboxing it and update this post again once the uboxing video or post is up.

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