Why Not Gift Your Special Someone a Samsung Galaxy Tab Device this Christmas?

Searching for the perfect gift for the people you love the most can be both easy and a challenge. It's easy because you know the person, yet you want to give him or her something that is new and exciting. If you still can't quite figure out what exactly they want given their diverse hobbies, passions, and inclinations, Samsung Philippines is here to help you out.

Check out Samsung's wide array of Galaxy Tablets for the perfect present that suits every personality. Whether it's your hardworking significant other, your artsy daughter, your loving parents, there's always a Galaxy Tablet that is right for the needs of all the people in your world.

Convey your appreciation and support for the center of your world - your significant other - with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 - a premium tablet that offers unlimited leisure and entertainment. Sleek and stylish, the Galaxy Tab S2 is priced at Php21,990. It offers a galaxy of possibilities in a nifty package. With its 256GB expandable memory, there won't be any worries about keeping the things that they value the most, and enjoying what's out there.

For the workhorses and creative-minded in your world, the Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen is the perfect gift. A great match for someone who is highly productive or creative, the Galaxy Tab A comes with a light and handy S-Pen. It's a definite game-changer that allows the user to be productive by easily taking down notes and thoughts, and for having a ready canvas to draw masterpieces. At only Php15,990, the Galaxy Tab A is perfect for your loved one who aims to climb fast up the corporate ladder or who dreams to make a name for him/herself in the world of art.

Samsung also has a Galaxy Tablet for the whole family to enjoy! A great gift for the family at only Php7,990, anyone can stay better connected with loved ones thanks to the Galaxy Tab A (2016), with its expandable memory to store those photo-worthy moments spent together, and it's LTE-ready feature that lets everyone keep in touch with each other.

If you are looking for something especially for the little ones, gift them with the Galaxy Tab V3 3G -  a delightful package for their games and videos. At only Php5,990, it's a good educational tool and parents can even download the Kids Mode feature that ensures safe content that's suitable for kids of all ages.

In search of the perfect gift? There's definitely a Galaxy tablet that will draw out the oohs and aahs of the people in your world this Christmas. Head on to the nearest Samsung Experience Store for more options, and maybe you'll find one to treat to yourself as well.

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