1GB for Php15? Try the new SMART GIGANIGHT 15

Are you a type of person who is more awake during the night than in day time, or perhaps an employee working in graveyard shifts and you want to access the internet whenever you have time for a very affordable price? Then the new SMART GIGANIGHT 15 is for you!

The new Smart Giganight 15 allows you to surf the internet, download apps, play games or stream music and videos from 1AM to 6AM with its 1GB data allocation for only Php15. This mobile data promo is an open access type one, which means you can use the 1GB on any kind of online activities such as mentioned above.

Additionally, this Smart Giganight 15 is open to all Smart prepaid subscribers as well as to Smart Bro prepaid and postpaid users. And there are a couple of ways to register to this promo, see below.
You can register to this promo bundle anytime of the day or together with other Smart data bundles and then when you connect to the internet between 1AM and 6AM, your usage will be deducted against the 1GB allocation. In case you don't consume all the 1GB in one night, it will rollover to the next night for you to use. Smart Giganight 15 is offered until January 16, 2017.

Source: Smart Inc

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