Explore the World with the New Smart Travel WiFi Device

Traveling abroad without mobile data connection is something that many Pinoy travelers are not considering anymore, especially the millennials. There are a number of reasons internet connectivity helps the travel experience improve a lot. Users would like to share their adventures online and real time, book a hotel on the go, browse online for the best food to eat locally, book a ride, explore the place they are in using internet-connected map applications, connect with friends and families back home, and so many others. Although they can subscribe to local providers for their data needs or go roaming, some find it not that appealing, not to mention the cost.

So Smart Communications Inc just wants to help you enjoy your out of the country travel without worrying about the cost, convenience, and realibility of your mobile data consumption while away. Smart is introducing the Travel WiFi mobile device.

Smart Travel WiFi is the latest product offering from Smart to both Smart and non-Smart subscribers aimed at encouraging mobile data usage especially when abroad with its value proposition of convenience at the best possible rates. It is a handy hotspot LTE device that connects up to five WiFi-enabled gadgets to the internet. Being an LTE one means it can provide speeds up to 42mbps. So if you are a group of friends or an entire family traveling abroad, then the Smart Travel WiFi is the perfect travel companion for you.

"Rising personal and the availability of budget fares and accommodations have encouraged more Filipinos to travel abroad. While there, they would need mobile data to browse the internet to look up directions, book a ride or hotel, discover interesting places to go, update their social media posts, or keep in touch with loved ones back home. With Smart Travel WiFi, they can stay connected anytime and anywhere they go," said Tina Mariano, First Vice President for Global Access and International Services of Smart.
Some of the great things about this new Smart Travel WiFi is that interested users won't need to purchase one, they rent it and send back to Smart once done using. You read that right, the Smart Travel WiFi gadget is NOT FOR SALE but FOR RENT. What's more is, it is not exclusive to Smart and TNT subscribers, it is a device for all regardless of their network provider.

The Smart Travel WiFi can be used in more than 100 countries globally and the rate for renting is just the same anywhere they plan to use it. Php390 per day for 1GB of data allowance.

Payment is made even more convenient. Qualified Smart Postpaid or SmartBro subscribers get to enjoy waived deposit fees and can charge their day pass subscriptions to their plan consumables, thereby allowing them to make the most out of their plan. Smart Prepaid users can charge day pass subscriptions to airtime load, and then for non-Smart subscribers they can avail through ATM/debit card accounts.

To learn more about Smart Travel WiFi and how to apply for one, you can visit its dedicated Smart webpage here. FAQs about the device is can be read here.

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