Kyocera Intorduces a Washable Phone Called "Rafre"

If water resistant smartphone is still not enough for you and you want something tougher, then you might want to considering getting the all-new Kyocera Rafre instead as this phone is capable of withstanding not just water and splashes, but soap and bubbles as well. The Kyocera Rafre is a washable phone introduced in the Japanese market very recently.

IP ratings in smartphones and other devices only tells users for how deep and how long a particular device can last underwater without being damaged. But with the Kyocera Rafre, being a "washable phone" means you can use soap to literally wash the phone to keep it clean and germ free if that's a kind of user you are. To be honest, I think this is something that many users around the globe might really want getting in their new smartphones. But for now, this particular Kyocera smartphone is only to be released in Japan.

While it may not fully see the light of day outside of the Japanese market, it's actually nice to see that this kind of phone really exists and that there is market for this.

The Kyocera Rafre is a 5-inch HD display equipped device with 2GB of RAM and an expandable 16GB internal storage. It was not mentioned which processor and clocking used for this phone but it is packed with a massive 3000mAh and the latest Android 7.0 Nougat right out of the box. More ratings on this phone are IP5X, IPX8, IPX5, which simply means that it is all water, dust, and shock resistant. It is even resistant to hot water and can be operated even if the user's hand is wet or with gloves on.

This device will be offered in Japan beginning in March and will be available in three different colors such as Pale Pink, Clear White, and Light Blue.


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