CD-R King Now Offers Mobile Gimbal Stabilizer for a Very Affordable Price

Almost every computer and smartphone needs we can think of are already available at CD-R King. You name it, they most likely have it, if not from one store maybe in another one of their hundreds of branches nationwide. Honestly, can you still think of something that this tech retail giant is still not having at this very moment?

Last week, it was also found out that CD-R King has just started selling its own super affordable mechanical gaming keyboard (less than Php1k), then followed by a selfie drone. Today, another exciting product for smartphone users, vloggers, and photographers has just been spotted at one of its stores by our friends over at JamOnline.PH - a mobile gimbal stabilizer. Yes, the same kind of gimbal stabilizer that has been around for a while bearing high price stickers.

But this one spotted at CD-R King, a WenPod branded product is different as it is priced very affordably. According to a post on JamOnline.PH, it is now available for only Php4,880. Compare that to other popular smartphone gimbal stabilizers in the wild that bears between Php10K and Php15K asking prices, this WenPod Smartphone Gimbal is a pretty nice deal especially if it can deliver what it promises.


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