Davao Bloggers Society's First GeekTalks Episode is Here!

The Davao Bloggers Society has this newly launched YouTube channel called DBStv. This was established late last year in collaboration with its members from the region. We Davao-based bloggers came together to create this channel to talk about our passion and what's been currently happening within the group such as events we have attended as well as DBS-organized events like our annual Acquaintance party that happens  mid-year and of course the Christmas party.

So far we have uploaded a few videos about behind-the-scenes photoshoot sessions, events from Lazada Online Revolution 2016, iFlix All Access Davao media gathering and fashion & make up related clips. If you would like to check out all of those videos, you may click on the link above to do so.

One of the most recent videos uploaded on the channel is the very first episode of GeekTalks, 'first' meaning more to come in the future. In case the segment title does not ring a bell yet, here on GeekTalks we will talk about the latest happenings in the world of gadgets, internet, movies, TV, books, games and many other thing along those lines. And have featured guests from time to time.

In this first episode of GeekTalks, Josef of DavaoGeekHub.com and I were joined by Davao Bloggers Society's very own president Andrew and talked about a couple of things that came out of the recently-concluded Consumer Electronics Show, expected gadget trends for the year 2017, and a little bit of updates in the movie world. Watch it below.

And that's what the first episode of GeekTalks by DBStv is all about. Hope you enjoyed watching it and that we were able to provide you some additional information on the topics that we discussed. We plan to make more videos for the GeekTalks and make future episodes become better and more engaging. If you liked the video above and would like to get notified when future episodes come out, please subscribe to the DBStv channel on Youtube. If you have comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to share it in the comment section of the video. 

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