An All-New OPPO 5x Smartphone Photography Technology Arriving at MWC 2017

This year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain is becoming more and more exciting as more electronics companies have already confirmed their participation in this annual tech event in Europe. One of the recent additions is coming from OPPO, a China-based smartphone maker. According to OPPO they are to unveil their next "breakthrough technology for smartphone cameras," at this gathering which is to take place in less than two weeks time.

This new technology is being referred to by OPPO as the "5x project" which promises upcoming OPPO's smartphone cameras to "capture images with unprecedented clarity," according to OPPO. I actually like how they put it into simple words as stated in the press teaser image above, "So Close You Can Feel It." Now that sounds both interesting and exciting especially for those users who have been enjoying latest smartphones from this company. I have tried using the F1s and I am happy to say that the cameras of this phone were able to deliver its promise of great photos, most notably through its 16MP-equipped selfie camera. So hearing Oppo coming up a brand new smartphone camera technology is just something I look forward to.
"OPPO's relentless pursuit of perfection without compromise has given birth to a remarkable technological breakthrough that will change how the world perceives smartphone photography," said OPPO Vice President and Managing Director of International Mobile Business Sky Li.
"We chose MWC to unveil '5x' technology in the belief that we can inspire the industry to aim higher, and continue to create pioneering products that give amazing experience for consumers," Sky added.
OPPO did not really provide anymore details on this 5x Project, so we really need to wait until MWC 2017 kicks off to know exactly what it is. But based on the teaser's tagline and the project name itself, OPPO could be releasing an enhanced zoom capability with their new smartphones such as cameras with up to 5x optical zoom, who knows. 

The Mobile World Congress 2017 is happening from February 27 to March 2 in Barcelona, Spain. Stay tuned for more details about this new offering from OPPO when they officially launch it on the first day of the expo.

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