Starbucks Sent me This Package

Almost every other month, Starbucks Philippines is launching brand new handcrafted beverages, food items, and merchandise across the country. One of the latest offerings are the new Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato and Valencia Orange Cocoa Cappuccino which have been available at their stores nationwide since February 21 together with the new Lunch Sandwiches and Bistro Bowls. And of course my most favorite part of every release is the new Limited Starbucks Card Collections.

Today, I am happy to share that Starbucks sent me a couple of these new items for me and my family to try out. So yesterday a mysterious package from Starbucks arrived at my doorstep and just like every package I receive, I am always excited to open it and see what's in the box. Unfortunately, I was at work yesterday when this package arrived so I was not able to unbox it right away. Fortunately, today is my rest day so I am all free to take everything in this box out.

The box was simple yet exciting at the same time as it just comes in a brown-colored rectangular box with nothing on it but a Starbucks branding on one of the sides. Sealing the entire packaging is a round sticker with Starbucks logo.

I immediately opened the box and below are the things that greeted me upfront.

As you can see the items inside are the new and limited Starbucks Multi-Colored Stripe Water Bottle that is being offered right now at the stores, the Starbucks VIA Tribute Blend that was released in celebration of the company's 40th anniversary in 2011, and then in the envelope are two of the latest Starbucks cards, the Special Siren Edition and the Thank You card. See below.

What's more awesome about this package is that friends over at Starbucks Philippines were generous enough even write personalized letters accompanied by these two cards inviting me to try their new offerings, especially the new sandwich variants, at my favorite Starbucks store. Me, my wife and my daughter will definitely visit our go-to Starbucks store at Abreeza mall here in Davao City either later today or tomorrow after church and try as many of those as we can.

In case you are wondering, yes these two Starbucks cards are now available at their stores and each one of them comes with initial consumable load amount of Php300.

This Starbucks VIA Ready Brew variant is a must try too. As you can see in the image, this is your coffee companion on the go. Simply mix one of those "coffee sticks" with a 180ml of hot water, then you are good. You may add sugar or creamer depending on your preference.

Again these items are being offered right now for a limited time, so if you would like to get any of these for yourself or for your special someone, just visit the nearest Starbucks store. For more and future updates, you can follow Starbucks on Facebook or Instagram.

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