Here's the First Teaser Trailer for Netflix's Stranger Things Season 2

Just like what I posted on this blog a couple of days ago when Entertainment Weekly unexpectedly released a first look at the much anticipated second season of Stranger Things and revealed that the first teaser trailer would be released during Super Bowl LI, well it is here. Watch below.

I mentioned in that previous post that the details or plot of this second season is very limited as well as its release date. I hoped that this teaser would reveal some things about the Stranger Things Season 2 together with the arrival date. Unfortunately, as you can see in the clip above, nothing was really revealed about its plot, all teasers, and that's a good thing actually. And Netflix does not really need to make that "teaser", the popularity of the first season (and showing this particular teaser ad during the Super Bowl which is being viewed by millions) is I think already enough to make people excitedly wait for and watch it when it arrives late this year.

Speaking of the release date, I also hoped that this trailer would give us hint as to when that would be. Thankfully, it did and it's gonna be on Halloween! I, together with my fellow Davao Bloggers Society members are already planning a Halloween viewing party for this on that same date. Yeah that's how excited we already are for the Season 2.

Netflix said that the Eggo commercial in the teaser above is actually a real Eggo commercial that was aired during the 80s, which is cool. It further gives us what to expect for this upcoming installment, and the 80s kids are sure super excited as well. The Season 2 will take place a year after the events of Season 1, that's in 1984. Also Netflix is calling this installment "Stranger Things 2" instead of the usual Stranger Things Season 2, which is also kinda cool.

When the Stranger Things 2 arrives on Netflix on Halloween, all 9 episodes of it will be unleashed at once.  In case you have not seen the season 1 yet and interested to see why this is so popular now, you can watch it on Netflix.

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