Why Ride-Sharing App Wunder is Unique

Ride sharing or taxi app services such as Uber and Grab have successfully made their way into the Philippine roads, thanks to positive receptions from Filipinos across the country and thanks to these companies' amazing riding experience they have been providing so far. Here in Davao City, we only have Grab and since its local launch here a couple of years ago I heard nothing but smooth experiences from passengers I have talked to. I and my family are also frequent Grab app users and our testimony is just the same. We were not able to try Uber until we had our family vacation in Manila in early 2017, and our experience was even better. That being said, it's no surprise why these services became successful here and that also attracts even more competitors, such as Wunder. It's a ride-sharing service provider but it's different from the other two.

And here are the reasons why Wunder is unique in this category.

Do you ever share rides to work, school or church with your family, friends or colleagues? Would you believe me if I said there's an app for that?

Enter Wunder carpool, a European app that launched in Metro Manila in February 2016 and quickly amassed a loyal community of 200,000 people in Metro Manila who now share their everyday rides.

So what's the reason for this success achieved in such a short time? This is because Wunder is more like a social network for commuters rather than a "taxi app". Taxi products like Uber and Grab employ professional drivers to transport commuters from one place to another. Meanwhile, Wunder simply connects two car owners going in the same direction and encourages them to ride together instead of driving an empty car seat in traffic.

"Wunder buddies" share a maximum of two trips per day (to work and home), split the cost of gas and take an extra car off the road!

While Wunder encourages two or three car owners heading in the same direction to share one car, Uber and Grab have been busy registering over 200,000 new vehicles, according to Wunder, that have been added to the streets of Metro Manila.

Sam Baker, COO of Wunder, said that "Wunder is the only app in Metro Manila that takes car off the road. Wunder enables 3 car owners to share one full car instead of driving 3 empty cars to work. The app is a new type of technology in Metro Manila that cannot be treated like a taxi app."


  1. Every time I ask the person who wants to carpool with me through chat,most of them are no response. So how can I confirm if they really want to carpool with me?

    1. Hi there. That's true, but a lot of people respond as well. I'll give you one tip. Accept as much as you can for the next week. That’s right! As a driver you can accept as much as you can. When you click "accept" you're actually offering a ride and the passengers will see that you're available for those days. The passengers who want to carpool with you will “Confirm” it. It means that they’re active and you can start chatting with them(if they don’t do it before). If they don’t respond to you, the app will automatically cancel your rides one hour before the ride.

      As as passenger, you can try to accept different drivers for next week, every way/day. The good part of it is that when you find your best option, you’ll probably have a “buddy” for your everyday commute.

      I hope that it helps you! :)

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