YouTube Mobile Live Streaming Feature Goes Live But There's a Catch

Believe it or not YouTube, despite being the number 1 video platform in the world, has been coming very late in adapting the mobile live streaming trend. If I am to ask many of my online friends which brand or tech company that immediately comes to mind when I mention live streaming using smartphones, I think most likely they are to answer Facebook or FB live followed by Twitter (powered by Periscope). YouTube is nowhere to be found in the list. But that's about to change really really soon.

Why? Because YouTube has just officially rolled out its very own mobile livestreaming feature through its YouTube app to the public. Well sort of. As of writing, only YouTube personalities with at least 10,000 followers are to receive this long over due feature on their mobile app. This will allow video creators reach out to their fans more personally and instantaneously.

So if you are one of those YouTube publishers who have been waiting for this feature to go live and have more than 10,000 followers, make sure you update your YouTube mobile app and start live streaming using your smartphones anytime and anywhere.

What about the remaining users with less than 10,000 subscribers? Don't worry YouTube said that the mobile live stream feature will definitely be released to everybody soon.

Alongside the mobile live stream, YouTube is also releasing a new functionality called Super Chat. This is a comment feature where viewers can have their comment pinned to the top of the comment stream for a period of time for a fee. This allows the viewers to get noticed not just by other commenters but also the video creator itself. And obviously this will add another way for the YouTube creator to earn money on top of their usual Adsense adses displayed on the screen.

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