Asia Pop Comicon 2017 is Happening on August 25-27

So far two Asia Pop Comic Con events have already happened in the Philippines, and unfortunately that was two times that I missed it. And as soon as I knew that there would be a third time and that's going to be bigger than ever according to the APCC staff, I promised to myself that I will definitely not gonna miss it this time around. Since then, I have been waiting for the official announcement as to when the Asia Pop Comic Con 2017 is going to happen. I made sure to follow APCC on their Facebook and Instagram pages so I would be one of the first to know these dates. And yes, they just announced it today.

Asia Pop Comic Con 2017 is going to happen on August 25 to 27, it will be held at SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City. The official announcement was made on their Facebook page earlier today.

Asia Pop Comicon is the biggest annual Pop Culture convention in the country and region. It is themed around comics, film, toys and collectibles, animation, games, cosplay, superheroes and everything pop culture.

The reason for the wait is I live in Davao City and I have a 9-6 office work every day. I have been waiting for this announcement so that I would be able to arrange my schedules, such as filing for vacation leave request for these dates not to mention saving my vacation leave credits as well, booking my flight, and of course be able to set aside my budget for this one of the most awaited geek events in the country.

The announcement only mentioned the dates, though we also need to know official ticket pricing for this APCC 2017, I guess the dates are the most important details that needed to be released for now. They should reveal some other details in the coming months, and when that happens I will make sure to let you guys know.

But I was just wondering, which actors or international celebrities you would like to see this time around? In 2015 they had Paul Bettany, the man who played both J.A.R.V.I.S in the Iron Man movies and Avengers 1 and Vision in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Then there was Nathalie Emmanuel aka Missandei on the hit TV series Game of Thrones, and Colton Haynes from Teen Wolf TV series as Jackson Whittemore. Asia Pop 2016 was graced by Nicholas Hoult (Beast from X-Men movies), Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven from Stranger Things, Claire Holt (Rebekah Mikaelson from The Vampire Diaries), and Joe Dempsie (Gendry from Game of Thrones), and many many others.

Who do you think (or want) they should bring in year?

Source: APCC Facebook

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