Fourth and Final Season of Black Sails now on iFlix, Plus New Episodes Coming Every Monday

Is the Black Sails one of the TV series in your must-watch list for this year? Are you one of those fans who are eagerly and excitedly waiting for what's going to happen in final season of it this 2017? Are you also one of those followers who are simply having a hard time catching this show on your cable TV? If the answer is yes to most of the questions above, then I have a good news for you coming straightly from our friends over at iFlix Philippines. The fourth and final season of the Black Sails is now available on their streaming platform for all Filipino subscribers.

Yes that is right! The Emmy Award winning STARZ Original Series has now been made available on iFlix, in fact all four seasons can now be watched and downloaded from this internet TV service provider.

Right now the Black Sails Season 4 has six episodes already aired and all of those are now on iFlix as well. New and upcoming episodes for Season 4 will be released every Monday, exclusively on iFlix. Awesome right? I mean, with iFlix you can technically watch this series anytime and anywhere. Whether you have internet connection or not, you can download the episodes into your mobile phone for offline streaming. And it's all legal for a very very affordable monthly service fee (see price below).

James Bridges, iFlix Chief Content Officer commented: "Black Sails is a magnificent adventure that has captivated audiences around the world with its cleverly crafted intrigue and spectacular action scenes. The fourth and penultimate season goes over the top with bigger battles and even more dramatic interplay. We are thrilled to offer all four seasons of the award-winning show to our members across South and Southeast Asia."

Black Sails Season 4 Synopsis:

In the final installment of Black Sails, hundreds of British soldiers lie dead in a forest, the Royal Navy retreats back to England, and the shores of New Providence Island have never been bloodier. With the help of Eleanor Guthrie (Hannah New), Woodes Rogers (Luke Roberts) transforms Nassau into a fortress without walls, as Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) amasses his fleet, intent on striking the final blow. Meanwhile, from the interior, an insurgency builds, fueled by the legend of "Long John Silver". But as Flint and his allies are about to learn, the closer civilization comes to defeat, the more desperately, and destructively, it will fight back. Oaths will be shattered, fortunes will change hands, and amidst the chaos, only one thing remains certain: it has never been more dangerous to call oneself a pirate.

In case you don't have iFlix yet downloaded to your iOS or Android device, you can get it for free from your devices' respective app stores. Currently, iFlix offers a 30-day trial period and after that free trial and still want to continue your subscription to watch more exclusive TV series, local and international movies, you can do so and it will only cost you Php129/month. It is a prepaid subscription, meaning you don't have to be in a contract and you can cancel or skip your subscription anytime. Plus, per subscription can accommodate up to five devices and share streaming service without additional cost.

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