Get You ASUS ROG Gaming Notebook at 24-month 0% Interest Installment Deal

Gaming PCs and notebook are expensive, we know that, and that's one of the biggest challenges both gamers and interested players alike are facing right now. Of course nobody wants to have a less powerful gaming machine, as much as possible we want the best of the best to achieve the best gaming experience. But the only problem is, the price tag. A lot of us can't really just buy many of high-powered ROG notebooks in one give. Thankfully, ASUS Philippines is in the know of this and is giving buyers other option to get their dream gaming machine through a very affordable way.

PC Express announced it on their Facebook page a couple of days ago that credit card holders can now get any of their desired ASUS ROG laptop and gaming notebooks through a 24-month installment plan with 0% interest rate.

This post announcement on PC Express' Facebook page also allows fans and followers to win an ROG Mousepad and a limited edition ROG Jacket by sharing the post and tagging their team in the caption. You may check out the embedded post above to learn more, or visit their page.

To take advantage of this deal, you may simply visit ASUS ROG Concept Store at the 4th floor of SM North EDSA. All ASUS ROG and gaming notebooks are available through this installment deal as well as eligible for the 2-year Global Warranty Service. And also, only offered to Citibank credit card holders.

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