New Wonder Woman Trailer Gives Us a Quick Look at Diana Prince's Origins

We know that Warner Bros is still in the catching up phase in building its own DC Extended Universe. I think they still have a lot to learn in creating this kind of massive and ambitious project that Marvel has already mastered to far. But of course every movie goer and DC and Marvel fans alike are very much appreciating this effort.

If I remember it right, Wonder Woman is the third film in this DCEU so far following Man of Steel in 2013 and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice last year. And I got to be honest, Wonder Woman is making me excited so far based on the trailers they have released yet. Today, a new one has just been revealed by Warner Bros and it has a lot of new footage in it and information to absorb.

We are now three months away from the official release date of Wonder Woman, and I just can't wait to see director Patty Jenkins' take on Diana Prince's live action adaption this time. This clip that was just released is called Official Origin Trailer, which basically gives a look at the Wonder Woman's origin story of where she was born and raised and trained as an Amazonian warrior and how she ended up in the human world through Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and fighting alongside with them in the World War I.

Prior to the release of this latest trailer, Director Patty Jenkins also revealed a brand new and epicly awesome Wonder Woman poster on her Twitter account, check it out below.
Wonder Woman will be released in the Philippines on June 1, 2017.

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