Nintendo Switch Spotted at Gaisano Mall Davao City

Since I was at the Gaisano Mall in Davao City earlier today, I also took advantage of the opportunity to visit some game shops there and see if there's something I could spot worth sharing in this blog. But I actually meant the Nintendo Switch console. As soon as I got into one of the gaming stores, I spotted the thing I intended to check out. See image below.

The store's name is Gadget Care. So I immediately inquired inside and to see how much they are offering one of these for. I was told... Php24,995. That price tag also includes the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the 1-2-Switch games as seen in the image above.

Surprisingly Gadget Care is also offering the console as unit-only, meaning not including the two bundled games for a lesser price and that's gonna be Php22,995. Now I was surprised a bit because in my previous post (which you can read here), DataBlitz currently does not sell the Nintendo Switch without the two games packaged altogether with the console.

Those are the things I learned from the Gadget Care store concerning this Nintendo Switch. I did not ask if they have a lot of stocks, but at least I saw two units available when I was there. Right now the stocks for the Nintendo Switch is a bit limited and some stores have already run out of stocks almost immediately after its local release on March 3.

Yeah I know the local pricing for the Nintendo Switch is a bit stiff especially knowing that the device only costs around $300 (plus sales tax) in the US. Maybe because due to the number of units shipped to the Philippines initially versus the number of interested buyers. Who knows it might get a big discount in the coming weeks or months. When or if that happens, I will right away let you know through this blog.

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  1. you have any idea where we can buy cheap accessories for our nintendo switch?