Ryzen 7 Series Processor Official Prices Revealed

Last March 16 AMD visited Davao City and invited the town's game and PC enthusiasts as well as the members of their retail partners across the city to formally introduce their latest computer processor that is largely targeted at gamers and content creators, the Ryzen 7 series.  These newest processors were officially launched by AMD in February and are marketed for its powerful performance with a much much more affordable prices than their competitors.

Although we have already learned a lot about these brand new AMD processors since its launch in February, what's really getting the interest of most potential buyers is the official and local prices for all these Ryzen 7 series of processors. And thankfully, AMD did reveal how each of these chips will cost users at the end of their presentation.

See below the prices and promised performance rates for the Ryzen 1700, 1700X and 1800X series vs their main competitor's chips.

AMD said these processors' prices posted on the screen are the suggested retail prices, which means that their authorized retailers across the Philippines may actually price them a little higher or lower depending on the branch.

Now if you haven't seen the AMD announcement event for these new processors, you may watch the embedded video below to learn more about Ryzen and why a lot of enthusiasts are so hyped about them.

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