Smart Confirms No Smartmoney Card Will be Issued Anymore

It is now confirmed that Smart will officially stop releasing Smartmoney physical card, according to one of their comments on the Facebook page and to one of the customer service representatives for Smartmoney I just talked to. The virtual wallet version of it will stay though.

It started when as early as November of last year that I began receiving messages and seeing comments on my previous posts about this service asking if Smart will still be releasing new cards for new account activation and for those existing cards that are about to expire. Some comments from other users said that they were personally told by Smart representatives at stores that no more cards are to be released beginning the year 2017. I really did not know the exact answer, until today.

I did not know what to answer to those questions until today when my Smartmoney card has expired since having it for the last two years. There are two places, as mentioned above, where I got the confirmation from that no more Smartmoney card to be issued from now on.

Below is the comment coming from Smart Communications Inc answering one of the questions pertaining to this issue...

The question reads:
"Is that real, smart money will be replaced by pay maya? Meaning mawawala na po sya kasi ginagamit ko sya until now sa pag transfer ng money, hanggang june na lang daw sya.. Tama po ba smart? Please answer"
Then Smart replies:
"Hi there, (name of the user)! It's a good thing that you asked. Smart Money will now be converted to Smart Money Virtual Wallet and they will no longer issue Smart Money card. You can still use your Smart Money account when transferring money to Smart Padala or even (to) PayMaya. Also, last issuance of the Smart Money card was last December 31, 2016. If you want to enjoy the card transaction, you may apply to PayMaya that works the same with Smart Money. All you just have to do is to purchase PayMaya instant card online and link it to your mobile number which is linked to your PayMaya app and you're good to go!"
The other confirmation came from one of the customer service representatives from Smartmoney help center I just talked to earlier. I specifically asked the agent that same question, "Will Smartmoney card no longer be issued?" and she answered me yes, but the virtual wallet version will still continue to work (but it appears there's no app for this). Did I call them just to ask this question? No not exactly. This was because the Smartmoney card that I have been using since 2015 had just expired on February 28, 2017. I have forgotten that it had expired until I tried to withdraw cash from the ATM machine again earlier today. The ATM machine told me, "Your card has been expired or blocked, please contact your bank." Then I looked at the card as soon as it was ejected by the machine and it was there "2/17" it said. So called to ask what to do next or how to get my money out now that my card is already expired. Two options were given to me. First is encash the money through Smart Padala Center or transfer the funds directly to my PayMaya account which I also have for more than a year now, of course both options will cost me extra fees depending on the amount of the money.

To confirm this even more, Smart and PayMaya have just collaborated and launched the Smart Mastercard service powered by PayMaya. This really works the same way as Smartmoney where you sign up for a PayMaya account through its mobile app (iOS and Android) using your Smart, TNT, or Sun number then you will be given a PayMaya Smart Mastercard virtual credit card number and wallet. And then very recently, Smart has released the new freshly-looking Smart Mastercard card which is pictured above and you can get this through select Smart stores or through the online store for only Php150. Get that card and link it to your Smart Mastercard virtual account in the Paymaya app and then you can start using it the same way you did with the Smartmoney card. To learn more about this new one, click here.

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