Temple Run 2: Lost Jungle Now Officially Out

This is one of my most anticipated mobile games to come out this year - the Temple Run 2: Lost Jungle. I first learned about this newest spinoff to the hit mobile game during Mobile World Congress 2017 when Imangi Studio's COO and General Counsel Walter Devins was brought in by LG on stage, as they announce their new flagship G6 smartphone, to announce the new endless runner game installment and exclusive offer to G6 customers. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I was really not expecting this game until I watched the LG G6 announcement in Barcelona, Spain a couple of weeks ago. Today, after I updated all my apps on my phone, I was surprised to see that the Temple Run 2: Lost Jungle has just been downloaded to my Android phone.

This Temple Run 2: Lost Jungle makes the biggest update Imangi Studio has ever released this year so far. This release also makes the fourth official spinoff to the Temple Run 2 game following Frozen Shadows, Spooky Summit, and Blazing Sands. All of these are available to be played in one single Temple Run 2 app for iOS and Android devices.

You can now download the Temple Run 2: Lost Jungle from Google Play, App Store and from the Amazon App Store as well.

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