Huawei Sells More than Five Million Units of Mate 9 in Just Four Months

The Chinese electronics giant, Huawei, is about to finally make its latest photography-focused P10 and P10 Plus series available to the public in a few days. But before that happens, the company has recently shared an important milestone on their most recent Mate 9 and P9 series of devices. Huawei claims that since the Mate 9 phablet was launched like four months ago, they have sold more than five million units of it. The announcement was made via the company's local event in homecountry and Weibo account (Chinese social media platform).

That's more than a million Mate 9 devices sold per month. Now comparing that with last year's Mate 8, that going to be a 36% jump in total sales according to Hauwei. Also, the company further revealed that their P9 series have crossed more than 12 million mark in terms of units sold since launch. Comparing that again with its predecessor, the P8, it was 152% higher than that.

So clearly, Huawei is doing great right now in terms of sales not just in China but also around the world, thanks to their partnership with Leica and creating such innovative devices like these two here, P9 and Mate 9 series.

The latest smartphones from Huawei, the P10 and P10 Plus are also getting very good receptions right now from a lot of tech enthusiasts which could mean that Huawei will continue to soar high upon official roll out of these devices globally.

Source: GSMArena via MyDrivers

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