iFlix Announces First Original Series "Huy! Bibig Mo" and "Magic Hour"

iFlix is thrilled to announce that they will soon be launching "a bold slate of original programing, along with huge local tentpole titles" in the nearby region including the Philippines very soon. Starting this year, subscribers in the Philippines will be able to enjoy a no-holds barred comedy series, Huy! Bibig Mo, which will be hosted by none other than comedic icon, Ramon Bautista.

 Huy! Bibig Mo, translated as "hey! watch your mouth" is one the first original content that iFlix is going to produce and release in emerging markets like the Philippines. Also, this edgy, no-holds barred comedy series will be localized in two other markets - Oi! Jaga Mulut in Malaysia and Oi! Jaga Lambe in Indonesia, to be hosted by the countries' very own Haniff Hamzah and Ananda Omesh respectively. This eight-part comedy series will be filmed in front of a live audience in each of those mentioned countries and publish as their local show which promises to showcase "the kind of humor previously only heard in comedy clubs."

In addition to Huy! Bibig Mo series, iFlix in partnership with Screenplay Productions, has also greenlit its first major original drama series titled Magic Hour. It will serve as a direct sequel to Indonesia's 2015 box office movie hit of the same name, holding the year's fifth highest grossing film title. This will have eight episodes.

Another first in iFlix roster of partners for the original programming project is Skop Productions Group (Skop) and Viper Studios Sdn Bhd in Malaysia which is the company known for box office hits Munafik, KL Gangsters and Villa Nabila according to iFlix. This partnership will make many of the studio's library classics available on iFlix subscribers for the first time. Also, highly anticipated upcoming films will be exclusively available directly following their cinema release. For example, the big budget action movie KL Special Force, will be available on iFlix just 20 days after its theatrical run.

This is indeed an exciting news to all iFlix subscribers not just in the Philippines but also in other Southeast Asian countries. It will add more reasons for existing users to stay subscribed to the service and for interested users to try the streaming service provided by iFlix. Hopefully iFlix also has a lot of plans for the Philippine audience in the coming weeks and months and years. 

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