The New Smart Postpaid Plan 399 Now With Bigger Data, Unlitext, and More

Smart Communications Inc keeps on tweaking and updating its postpaid service offerings to keep up with its subscribers ever changing lifestyle and also at the same time to make it more pocket friendly without making its perks and bundles more limited. For example, Smart has just launched new postpaid plans for as low as Php399 per month that now comes with much bigger data allocation compared to the previous plans of the same price, unlimited texts to all networks, and even 20 minutes calling minutes is included, and it is also packed with free apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber worth 500MB which are new additions to the plan as well. A true value for money postpaid plan option for so many subscribers who would like to get connected all the time.

It appears that Smart is now completely ditching out Giga Plans that were launched just in November 2016 and is now replacing with these new Smart Postpaid Plans. Even the webpage for Giga Plans has already been taken down as of writing. But just to give you a quick comparison, the old Giga Plan 399 was a line-only option and only came with 1GB of data plus 20-minute all-net calls and unli all-net texts.

This new Plan 399 is also a line-only plan but allocated data is now much bigger at 3GB per month plus the additional bundled services that I mentioned above. And this only has a lock-in period of 6 months. You can also opt in to have this plan come a with smartphone too for an additional monthly payment starting at Php200. Below are the available smartphones for this plan as of writing.

Add on services and bundles are also available for these new Smart Postpaid Plans and you can add or remove them from your service account anytime you want. For entertainment needs you can subscribe to iWant TV (+ Php120/month), iFlix (+ Php99/month), or Fox+ (+ Php390). Call and text flexibundles can be had too, see below.

The all new and improved Smart Postpaid Plans is now available in the following tiers.

Postpaid plans 399, 599, and 799 all share the same perks and services but with more data and calling minutes, of course. That includes the unlimited texts to all networks too and the 500MB worth of free FB Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber. And then for plans 999 and up, it will come with 1 free app of your choice every month, you can also change that every month. To see the list of these 1 free app, you may visit the source link below.

Source: Smart Inc


  1. Is this true that this line has anti bill shock? And how much will it cost if exceeding monthly data?


  2. SMART PLAN 399 - MIGRATED (SIM ONLY)? means you have an existing prepaid smart no. and you apply for postpaid????????