Smart Releases Postpaid Plans for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Yesterday it was Globe, today is Smart's turn in releasing their postpaid offering for the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones. So if you have been planning on getting one of these devices through Smart postpaid or still in shopping mode to find out which one offers better, then read on and see what's the best option for you here.

Unlike the previous years, this time around Smart is offering these devices at a more customizable way rather than under pre-bundled postpaid plans. Both phones can be had either under Smart All-In Plans (Php500 - Php2500/month) or via the new Smart Postpaid Plans (Php399 - Php2,999/month). And there are only three steps to get your desired Galaxy S8 phone and postpaid plan with it - Choose Your Handset, Pick A Plan, and Choose Your Add-ons.

1. Choose Your Handset
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
    • Maple Gold, Midnight Black, Orchid Gray
    • Initial cashout fees, depending on each plan: Php6,899 - Php9,499 for Smart Postpaid Plans. Php16,500 - Php34,500 for Smart All-In Plans.
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+
    • Maple Gold, Midnight Black, Orchid Gray 
    • Initial cashout fees, depending on each plan: Php9,899 - Php12,499 for Smart Postpaid Plans. Php18,500 - Php36,500 for Smart All-In Plans.

2. Pick a Plan 
  • Smart All-In Plans
    • Php500 - Php2,500 per month (2-year contract)
  • Smart Postpaid Plans
    • Php399 - Php2999 per month (2-year Contract)
    • Additional Php1,500 per month on top of each plan (2-year contract)
3. Choose Your Add-ons
  • Optional and can be cancelled anytime
  • iWant TV, Php120 per month
  • iFlix, Php99 per month
  • Fox+, Free 30-day trial upon app download, Php390 per month

Of course cash-out fees still applied and that will vary depending on which plan you want to get. Initial cashout fee starts at Php6,899 and goes as high as Php34,500, for the Galaxy S8.

As mentioned above, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will be offered via Smart All-In and Smart Postpaid Plans. For All-In, you pay the full initial cashout fee while in Postpaid Plans you pay for a much lower initial cashout fee and then you add Php1,500 every month on top of the plan you will pick.

For example, if you applied for a Smart All-In Plan 500 with a Galaxy S8 handset, your initial cashout would be Php34,500 then you will just pay Php500 per month for the rest of the two year contract. However for the Smart Postpaid Plan 399 also with a Galaxy S8, the initial cashout is going to be for only Php6,899. BUT, you will also need to add Php1,500 per month on top of plan for 24-month lock-in period. So in this example we have the Plan 399 for a Galaxy S8, that would be the initial fee I just mentioned then a total monthly fee (for 24 months) of Php1,899 (399+1500).

The explanation above might confuse you as to how it really works. But if you would like see a more comprehensive table illustrations, you can check out the list of Postpaid Plans, Cashout Fees, Monthly Fees for each plan, and Inclusions here for the Galaxy S8 and here for the Galaxy S8+. From there you can also pre-order for the plan and device online. Plus if you pre-order online on Smart website before May 4th, you will get a free Samsung Bottle Speaker (limited stocks only).

If you would like to learn more about the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ devices, you can check out my separate post here.

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