Instant Games are Now Available on Facebook Messenger App

For quite some time now, many of us know that Facebook would eventually roll out in-app games for its stand alone Messenger app "soon". Well that soon has finally arrived here in the Philippines. In case you have not opened your FB Messenger app for a while now, provided that it is up to date, maybe you should check it out now to see all the list of available games for you to kill the boredom or time with. And there is a ton of them. Just tap on the game controller icon located at the bottom right to see the games.

Facebook is calling them Instant Games and it was initially rolled out in November in select market. Today it has finally arrived in the Philippines.

And since I was just able to find it out last night, I was only able to play the Solitaire, hahaha I guess that's my most favorite game since I discovered it was playable in Windows PCs a few years back. So whenever I see it somewhere I play it immediately. I have not tried the other games yet like Pac-Man, Galaga, Snake and others.

However, there is a little problem, for now I guess. All games are playable only when connected to the WiFi. Games are not available when connected to the internet via mobile data, at least that's what I know as of yet. I tried to play some games during my break time at work and I only got "Connect to WiFi to Play" message on the screen.

If you don't see the games yet in your Facebook Messenger app, try to update it first and restart.


  1. hi, i'm connected to wifi but it still says "connect to WIFI to play". what to do?

    1. There are a number of possible reasons why it's still showing the same message. For this, first things I would do are

      1. Double check if WiFi has internet connections
      2. Make sure data is turned off
      3. Close and relaunch the Messenger app
      4. Power cycle the phone
      5. Uninstall reinstall the Messenger app