Drogon, Daenerys, and the Starks! New Images from Game of Thrones Season 7 Released

It's almost June and we have not seen any official trailer yet for the most anticipated Season 7 of Game of Thrones. I am one of those fans who have been waiting for it ever since the last episode of last year's GOT ended. It has been nothing but a long wait, it's almost like waiting for the Winter to finally arrive in Westeros, though of course the trailer is still going to come anytime soon. And while we wait for that, HBO has released SEVEN photos from GOT Season 7 exclusively via Entertainment Weekly to keep our excitement high.

These are just stills from the episodes itself and some are production images. Does it tell anything at all? Apart from officially seeing how massive Drogon is going to be in this season and the eventual meet up of the remaining Stark children, not really.

That first image though, Drogon (one of Daenerys' dragons) is so huge now that he is almost a fully grown dragon. Yes you read that right, he is not a full grown firebreathing monster yet. To give you a quick comparison how much mass he has got now, see gif images below of Drogon with Daenerys riding him from Season 5 and Season 6.

Season 5

Season 6

So how big can a dragon in this World of Ice and Fire novel can be? Below is one of the illustrations George R.R. Martin released last year showing King Aegon I Targaryen atop his dragon named Balerion.

So yeah that's it for now. And if you are one of the fans like me, I can't really wait for July 16 to come anymore. And hey HBO, a trailer anyday now would be nice too!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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