Leaked Samsung Galaxy C10 Photo Shows Dual Camera Setup

Looks like the Galaxy Note 8 is not the first device from Samsung Electronics to sport dual camera set up on its back panel. If this newly leaked photo from a Chinese website called Weibo is any indication, then the Galaxy C10, as what they call it, is the device to first offer dual rear camera feature.

This is actually not the first time a rumor or leak appeared online claiming that Samsung's next Galaxy C device will have dual rear cameras. Though it is sort of already confirmed that Samsung is nearing the launch of its first smartphone with two cameras on the back, it is just a matter of waiting and speculating as to which of the upcoming series will first wield it.

In March, Samsung teased an upcoming Exynos 9 chip which is created to more specifically support dual camera setups. Plus a leaked photo as well emerged online showing a prototype version of the Galaxy S8+ having two cameras. Year 2017 is indeed a year of dual camera smartphones as big brands have already unleashed their own smartphones of this type around the globe, so it's kind of impossible that Samsung will end the year without at least offering with one of their future devices.

Well apart from the photo itself, nothing was revealed further such as possible specs and pricing or even when can we expect the device to be unveiled. Those parts may come in then ear future or as we get closer to the official announcement.

Source via: AndroidHeadlines

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