Mystery Manila Now Features Harry Potter-Themed Escape Room

I know this one is not like super brand new attraction in the escape room scene here in the Philippines, but I was just able to know about this when one of my friends on Facebook shared it on her timeline. Mystery Manila now has a Harry Potter-themed escape room called the Sorcerer's Stone! Any Harry Potter fan I know, that includes myself, will immediately want to try this out as soon as possible.

I have already shared the news with some of my friends here especially to those Potterheads I know, and I was right they want to experience it and feel how it's like to be in the wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling. The only tiny problem is, we live in Davao City.

Mystery Manila's Sorcerer's Stone synopsis: 

"The evil dark wizard Sidious plots another diabolical scheme to get his hands on the famed Sorcerer's Stone that grants wealth and immortality to whoever possesses it. 

You and your team of brave wizards must stop Sidious from his evil plan before it's too late. 

You have an hour to finish the mission and save the world of wizardry. "

If you have tried escape rooms before, you know what to expect or at least how the mechanics of the game goes. But for first timers or those who just heard about it, escape rooms are interactive type of indoor game that's been around in the country for quite some time now. The concept is very easy actually but a bit challenging with so much fun. You and your friends or team mates will be in a room where you have to work together by finding clues, cracking riddles, putting pieces of puzzles together etc. to solve a particular mystery or case depending on the escape room's theme. Usually you have 60 minutes to solve the case.

What's the prize when you successfully solve the case or get out of the room in less than one hour? Well there is no prize to take home actually, but more of a bragging rights. But it's not about that, it's about the fun and experience.

Actually there is already an escape room house in Davao City and it's called MysterEscape which has been around since October of 2015. If you are from here and haven't heard about it, go and check it out. We had fun when we tried it, it was really an immersive experience. The room was a complete set up, from furniture down to the small pieces of the theme, altogether with the background music. And that's why I am also excited to experience this Sorcerer's Stone. Maybe when I visit Manila again in the future or perhaps when or if Mystery Manila expands to Davao City.

Check out a post on Our Awesome Planet here, they have photos and even a video of their experience there. It's awesome.

Source: Mystery Manila

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