Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Feature Dual Rear Cameras?

One of the surprising things that turned out during the announcement of Samsung's new Galaxy S8 and S8+ flagship smartphones in March was the absence of dual-rear camera setup on both phones. Prior to the launch, rumors were suggesting that the Korean electronics giant would probably release their first ever dual camera smartphone in these devices since a lot of competitors have gone dual lens setup and the fact that these type of smartphones have been receiving positive responses both from tech enthusiasts and regular consumers. Now if new rumors are to be believed, it looks like Samsung will finally do it in its upcoming Galaxy Note 8 phablet.

A couple of weeks after the Galaxy S8 and S8+ became official, an S8+ prototype device showed up online wielding dual cameras on the back panel  (as seen above). Samsung electronics did, however, confirm that they played around with dual camera configurations on these devices but decided not to pursue it as they did not see practical reason do so at the time, especially on the pricing side of the manufacturing and selling these type of smartphones.

Then earlier today, a new report on The Korea Herald is backing this speculation surrounding the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. It is said that the dual camera implementations on the Galaxy Note 8 will be similar to iPhone 7 Plus and LG G6's where one of the two will have 12MP with wide-angle lens and the other being a 13MP telephoto lens. Plus, these modules will also be equipped with up to 3x Optical Zoom functionality.

To be honest, I was also one of those people who anticipated that Samsung would finally join the party of dual camera smartphones with their Galaxy S8 series. It was kind of easy to guess that Samsung would eventually do it and the best timing ( I guess) would be with these S8s, but was still surprising that they decided to take their time. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ would be so much more appealing having two cameras on the back, besides, cameras on these phones are really great. However, I am now even more excited for the Galaxy Note 8 especially because of these recent rumors about it. If the Note 8 would have the same design as the S8 (which is very highly likely), I think it would be a hit as well. Recent report claims that Samsung has already sold more than five million units of the Galaxy S8 devices since April 21 release becoming the best performing Galaxy S device in the series in terms of sales. Galaxy Note 8, provided that no issue this time around, is expected to have the same sales trajectory. 

Whether these are true or not, we will find out when Samsung announces its Galaxy Note 8 phablet later this year.

Source: The Korea Herald

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