ASUS ZenFone 4 Series to Arrive Next Month, CEO Confirms

Unfortunately we did not hear anything about the upcoming Zenfone 4 series at the recently-concluded Computex 2017 in Taiwan where ASUS usually first unveil their next lineup of smartphones. Instead, the company focused on its gaming and consumer notebook series the whole tech expo time. Of course a number of speculations have appeared online pointing why ASUS suddenly skipped with ZenFone announcement, one of those was probably to avoid these new laptops being overshadowed by the mobile phones and that is something very very understandable. So we had no choice but to wait a little longer for new developments on the Zenfone side of things.

Today, the CEO of ASUS company itself has just revealed a juicy update on the much awaited Zenfone 4 smartphones. According to Mr. Jerry Shen, the delay was due to "design overhaul and efficiency updates" as posted on DigiTimes. And that the company will finally launch the Zenfone 4 at least by the end of July 2017 with a more competitive pricing.

"The Zenfone 4 family will come with competitive prices, and is hoped to turn around Asustek's money-losing smartphone business starting the third quarter," Shen added.

In addition to this latest confirmation from ASUS, they also plan to announce the tentatively called ZenFone 5 smartphones in next year Mobile World Congress which typically takes place in February annually.

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