Attack on Titan Season 3 Will be Released in 2018

Compared to multiple years of waiting before we had our eyes on the second season of Attack on Titan anime in April 2017, the studio behind this super successful manga adaptation of the same name made a surprise announcement right after the final airing of the season 2 finale.

Wit Studios and Kodansha have officially confirmed through postings on their website and social media accounts that the third season for Attack on Titan would be hitting the airwaves next year, 2018. Now that's a news that many of the fans really want to hear not just of course in Japan but also from around the world.

The Attack on Titan Season One had 25 episodes and were released one at a time per week, and it ran from April until September 2013. Season 2, in addition to the frustrating wait of three and a half years, only contained 12 episodes that aired from April until June of this year. You see the arrival of season 2 was somehow a bit disappointing, and you can imagine every fan's feeling when the final episode was about to end. While we understand the hiatus and breaks, waiting is something we really don't want, especially the long ones. However, for some reason, it appears that the creators behind this Shingeki no Kyojin adaptation want to make us fans happier this time around by announcing the release of next installment and making the wait a lot shorter.  So yeah, we are freaking out!

With the announcement of Season 3's release now being official, there are two more information that fans are wanting to know, at least for now. The number of episodes for the entire season and the premiere date. Unfortunately those were not revealed so we need to wait for that. But it does not matter, for as long as they will keep their promise of 2018 release, we will be fine. Right?

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