Infographics: Anti-Distracted Driving Act Guidelines Released by DOTr

Anti Distracted Driving Act is one of the latest laws that the Philippine goverment has just put into action this year. When it was officially implemented, a lot of questions and confusions both from the motorists and traffic enforcers have emerged on social media sites as well as on the roads across the nation that it was ordered to be temporarily halted.

Very recently though, to address all of these confusions and answer all of those common questions about the law, DOTr has just released a new infographic giving everyone a more comprehensive details as to which are and are not acceptable relating to the Anti Distracted Driving Act. Check it out below.

James Deakin shared the image above on his Facebook page yesterday. And along with this infographic he said in the caption...

"Didn't get everything we fought for, but it's a much better compromise at least. Publication is on June 13 and updated safe zones will be effective 15 days after that. 
PS. It doesn't say it here, but hands-free calls using Bluetooth or headphones are allowed. Basic idea is to not touch your phone."

The "Safe Zone" is where you can place your cellular phones and other objects which is no more than 4 inches from the vehicle dashboard. Anything above the 4-inch safe zone is considered "line of sight" where these gadgets are not allowed to be placed. If you use a dashcam, it has to be put right behind the rearview mirror.

This updated RA 10913 act will be published on June 13, 2017 and will take in effect 15 days after that date.

Apart from this newly revised guideline, other basics remain the same such as the penalties for each time drivers are caught violating this law.

Source: James Deakin (FB)

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