Globe Stops Offering Free Facebook for Prepaid Users

For the longest time, I have been using GoSurf as my mobile data subscription for a good number of reasons. One of those is it comes with free Facebook access which also includes Messenger where the validity depends on which variant of GoSurf I subscribe to. All GoSurf prepaid data bundles come with this particular perk which range from 1 day to full 30 days of validity. And being a free service, this means it does not consume my allocated data from GoSurf, it is really a free and unlimited access complete with photos and videos.

Now on top of always having free Facebook with my GoSurf, I also make sure that I will re-register to another GoSurf prepaid bundle before my current subscription expires so that the remaining MBs or data will carry over and expiration will follow the latest subscription. If you have been doing this same thing like I do, you will most probably understand how convenient and affordable this promo has been. That's why I was so sad to know that Globe Telecom has recently stopped offering free and unlimited access to Facebook to its prepaid users like me.

Here's how the free Facebook thing used to work before the stopping. First, Globe prepaid users could access Facebook for free even without subscription to any of their prepaid bundles and even without a load but the videos and photos were turned off. Second, if they are subscribed to any GoSakto or GoSurf denominations, free Facebook with photos and videos activated could be availed. Even if users have already run out of data, for as long as the subscription has not expired yet, they could still access full version of Facebook and Messenger applications.

Now, here is the scenario after Globe official terminated the Facebook perk. Technically, there is still free Facebook that comes with any GoSurf subscription but photos and videos are turned off. If you would like to have access to photos and videos uploaded and shared by your friends on Facebook, you would need to switch to "data mode" to use your GoSurf data.

Prior to this update, I used to subscribe to GoSurf 50 with 1GB of data and unlimited all-net text and GoSurf 99 with 200MB of data combined. The GoSurf 99 was for the 1GB from GoSurf 50 to last for 30 days, unli texts not included. In total, that would only cost me Php149 per month for 1.2GB of data plus unlimited Facebook and FB Messenger. But sadly, that's not the case anymore.

Right now, I still subscribe to the same GoSurf packages for the same reason but instead of getting free and unlimited Facebook and Messenger access, I now get additional free 300MB of data in addition to the 1GB fro GoSurf 50 which I can use for the app of my choice, that's Facebook for me. Now you might want to ask, does that still last me 30 days with Facebook now consuming my data? Well that depends on how heavy I use the data, but whenever I am away from home and at the work office I mostly use it for accessing my Facebook and some website visits, I don't stream. The answer is yes it does last me for 30 days, but due to lack of free Facebook I am now consuming more data than before. I just hope that Globe will still offer back the real free Facebook as I am one of those subscribers who are always on a budget for my data and communications needs.

For your reference, check out below's list of current GoSurf promos Globe offers and their corresponding services and perks and other details.

As you can notice, GoSurf 99 is not in the table. That is because Globe has officially discontinued that as well a couple of months ago. However, there is still a way to subscribe to it, and that's through the PayMaya app.

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  1. i can add to this
    the freee 300 mb facebook is a bit of a scam.
    If i subscribe to the best value , which is gosurf 50, and then subscribe to GS50 FB, (300mb free facebook) i can only do that once. If i then next subscribe to GOSURF50, i can not subscribe again to teh free 300 mb. so this is false advertising. They have told me, to my face, "NO SIR, YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE TO A DIFFERENT GOSURF FIRST" , "YOU CANNOT DO 2 GOSURF50 subscriptions in a row and avail the free 300 mb facebook".

    that means, the advertised deal, is impossible to continue, wihtout payign extra per mb, by subscribing to one of the lesser deals, before being abel to go back to gosurf 50 wiht 300mb free facebook.
    This country is rooter from the ground up