Rovio Releases New "More Adult" Angry Birds Evolution Mobile Game

The Finnish mobile game developer Rovio has just launched a brand new spin-off game under its Angry Birds' ever expanding banner. Called the Angry Birds Evolution, Rovio, promises this game to be "more adult" version of the hit franchise with "naughty humor, pop culture references galore and classic turn-based RPG combat,".

The Angry Birds Evolution was created in partnership with Germany-based studio Chimera Entertainment. And they promise players to experience eastern-style RPG mechanics and console-quality graphics with this new Evolution game.
"RPG games are one of the key focus areas in Rovio Games, and we wanted to make Angry Birds Evolution our first title inspired by eastern RPG games. Cheeky humor, deep RPG turn-based combat, fresh art style, and pop culture references galore - Angry Birds Evolution has it all," said Reginaldo Valadares, Head of Rovio Stockholm Studio.
Players are up for the task to collect, train, and evolve more than 100 different birds as they use them fight the invading pigs of the Bird Island. These birds will be color categorized such as yellow, black, blue, red, each with varying special skills and abilities that can be used in battle.

Note that birds from each of these categories also have its own strengths and weaknesses in addition to their unique capabilities and that you can only bring a limited number of them when facing a group of bad piggies, so strategy and rightly picking your bird champions will come into play.

You can also join weekly events or play with your friends to earn extra skills and perks for your birds. I have not tried this game yet, but it looks and sounds a promising game and slightly away from the usual Angry Birds mobile game are used to play, so I will definitely give it a shot.

The Angry Birds Evolution mobile game has been out on Google Play and App Store since June 15, 2017 worldwide.

Source: Rovio

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