DJI Spark Drone Now in the Philippines Priced Php30,500

The latest camera drone from DJI has finally landed in the Philippine market following its initial announcement like a month ago. It is one of the newest and most consumer-focused drones they are currently offering and specially targeted at those users who would like to try drones for the first time. The drone has its own camera built in that can take photos and videos, so if you would like to bring your selfie or video blogging activity to the higher level, this is the best companion we got.

One of the coolest features this DJI Spark sports is what the company called PalmControl which in other words is hand gestures, ala Jedi style. It is also the smallest drone ever released by DJI, almost as small as a regular-sized smartphone and only weights 300 grams, that means portability is also one of its strong selling points.

Using hand gestures you can command the DJI Spark drone to where to stay up in the air and then use other hand movements to take the photos or videos. Other ways to control and interact with the drone is via its companion app that's available both on iOS and Android platform within 100-meter range, if you would like control beyond that, you would need a remote control which comes in a separate Fly More Combo.

As for its own camera, there is a 12MP shooter with 1/2.3" CMOS sensor which can record up to 1080p stabilized videos in addition to 12MP photos. For the battery life, DJI says it has an up to 16 minutes flight time from a single charge. The Chinese drone maker also included different camera modes and functionalities in this device that will cater to different moods and style of the users.

The Php30,500 pricing only applies to the standard package that comes with the Spark itself, battery, USB Charger, and three pairs of propellers. There is another bundle called the Fly More Combo which includes two extra batteries, additional four propellers, propeller guards, a remote control, a charging hub, shoulder bag, and other cables. This extra bundle together with the DJI Spark unit itself will be on sale for Php42,700. MSI-ECS is the official local distributor of DJI drones.

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