LG Q6 is the Rumored LG G6 Mini and is to be Unveiled on July 11

Image: @grzdabek (Twitter)
It has been all around the internet for a time now, especially in the gadget scene, that LG is rumored to announce a G6 Mini version of smartphone. Even big names in the industry has even released unconfirmed reports about the said device which is actually to be called LG Q6. Today, according to a new event invite that LG has sent in Poland, looks likes everything about this "mini" version is real.

The media invite as you can see in the image above has an #LGBarbeQ hashtag, giving us hint that is most probably referring to the expected LG Q6 smartphone.
Evan Blass, a famous tech tipster, claimed that LG will do away with the dual camera set up on this Q6 device and it will just have 13MP camera on its back instead. He also said that LG will still implement the 18:9 aspect ratio on this Q6 the same as of G6's display. And then according to reports, part of the "minification" on the Q6 is a 5.4-inch screen and is going to be powered by a Snapdragon 821 processor.

While it is kind of already official that LG Q6 will be launched in Poland, it is still not clear though if LG also plans to bring this device in the international scene. I guess we'll have to wait on it at least until July 11, 2017.

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