Now Official! Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE (Fan Edition) is Launching in South Korea

It is now official and it is formally called the Samsung Galaxy Note FE or Fan Edition. The South Korea-based electronics company has formally relaunched the Galaxy Note 7 recently confirming rumors about reselling the phablet following its not so good fate last year, calling this device the Galaxy Note Fan Edition.

In other words, the Galaxy Note FE is a refurbished version of the Galaxy Note 7 of 2016 but it is now slightly upgraded with a much much safer and slightly smaller battery pack inside so its tendency to catch fire, as the original version, is now very unlikely to happen here, thanks to the new battery being used in this smartphone and thanks to Samsung's latest battery and safety testing techniques being done on their new devices.

Aside from the different and smaller battery, 3200mAh actually compared to original's 3500mAh, being used in this Fan Edition, the S-Pen equipped phablet will now come with the same software as Galaxy S8 series complete with Bixby feature. And then the rest of the features remain the same.

Unfortunately though, as of today, only 400,000 units are planned to be sold and released in the company's home country of South Korea. It will be priced at 699,600 won, which is about 30% cheaper than the original version.

Is the Galaxy Note Fan Edition will also be released outside South Korea? Samsung said it will be "decided later".

The Galaxy Note FE will be available in South Korea beginning July 7, 2017.

Source: Samsung KR

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