First Teaser Clip for Pacific Rim: Uprising Unleashed

Five years after the first Pacific Rim movie hit theaters around the globe in 2013, we are here once again to cancel the apocalypse with the new breed of jaeger pilots. Speaking of new pilots, one of them is named Jake Pentecost played by none other than John Boyega who is the son of Stacker Pentecost from the first film portrayed by Idris Elba. Looks like Boyega's character will be the main focus in the film since Charlie Hunnam's character Raleigh Becket is not returning anymore. To kick off the hype for this movies' 2018 release, a teaser trailer has just been released. Watch it below.

It is a very short teaser clip, one minute and seven seconds to be exact, and no actual footage from the film itself has been included. It's more of a recruitment type of teaser at the same time giving us glimpses of the new generation jaeger robots to fight the next wave of Kaiju monsters coming out of the sea.

Unfortunately though, nothing has been really known about the Pacific Rim: Uprising's story line up until this very moment. I guess that is still accepted since we won't be seeing this new installment until February 2018. But I do hope that they will officially release a real trailer at least next month.

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