ASUS ZenPower Slim Quick Unboxing

The ASUS ZenPower Slim is the latest powerbank accessory offering released by ASUS a couple of weeks back. I am just not sure if this model is now out on the physical stores, but since its official announcement it has been available for purchase from Lazada for only 499 (currently). During the ASUS ZenTalk Livestream party held in Davao City last August 19, which coincided with ZenFone 4 launch event in Manila, one of the freebies that was given away to bloggers, ASUS Zenfans, and ZenTalk Davao members is this ZenPower Slim. So here is my quick unboxing of it in case you would like to see what are included in the packaging.

The ASUS ZenPower Slim is one of the most sleek, stylish, slim, and lightweight powerbanks we can buy right now on the local market. Even the boxing will immediately provide you the feel and looks of the powerbank right even before you take the device out of it. What you see in the front face of this box is definitely what you get from the inside.

Inside the box, there is really nothing much is going on. You will get the ZenPower Slim unit itself in black, a couple of paperworks, and a short USB to microUSB cable for charging.

Unfortunately, it is only available in microUSB, so if you have a USB Type-C smartphone, you may need an adapter for that in case you would like to have one of these. I know there are some gadgets and accessories stores that sell microUSB to USB-C or to Lightning port cable adapters.

Now on the ZenPower Slim itself. Like I mentioned above, it's sleek, stylish, and slim. It comes in no other color options but in black, which I think is the majorly accepted color of luxury and fashion. I personally love almost every gadget I have (and will ever have) in black, especially the ones in matte black. This one, as you can see in the photos above, comes with two types of surface finish - brushed metal dominating most of the surface, and glossy black at the bottom part.

This brushed metal finish makes the device not fingerprint hungry, smudges perhaps, but the overall feel is superb. It does not feel slippery in the hand, that's on top of the unit itself being so easy to hold with one hand. The casing is made of polycarbonate plastic though, but ASUS did a good job in rendering the whole design and built. Of course, we would like to have a metal casing for a sturdier build and feel, but that would sacrifice the ZenPower Slim's lightweightness too which is pegged at around 81 grams.

Speaking of its incredible weight which comes pretty handy in many situations and occasions, of course there is a bit of a drawback here. The ZenPower Slim's thin profile (8.3mm) and weight would not be achieved without trimming down its battery capacity which is only at 3000mAh. While that is way below than most ZenPower powerbanks we have seen from the Taiwanese company and probably from other manufacturers too, I think the sacrifice is justified in terms of pricing, design, and feel of the device. Anyway 3000mAh extra power should be able to last your phone at least for most of the day, if not the whole 24 hour period. This battery size will also make the recharging time a lot shorter or faster.

At the top of the ZenPower Slim is just a blank space. But on the other side down at the bottom are where all the actions are going on. There we can see the power key, power input (microUSB), the power output (USB), and the LED torch light ( something we don't usually see in many powerbanks).

Overall dimension of the ZenPower Slim is 115mm x 71mm x 8.3mm. This makes the powerbank pretty hand and pocket friendly. For ladies, if you use small pouch or clutch bag, this would be perfect. Tight or skinny jeans wearer? I guess there would be no problem bringing this along in your pocket.

For its compact build, aesthetics, and price tag of just Php519 (promo price Php499), this is something I would like to recommend to people who are not that power hungry when it comes to smartphone or any electronics device use. And if this still does not interest you, you have other options from ASUS like the ZenPower 10050mAh, ZenPower Ultra,and ZenPower Pro.

ASUS ZenPower Slim specs:
  • 115 x 71 x 8.3mm
  • 81 grams
  • MicroUSB to USB (cable and port)
  • LED Torch light
  • Three LED light battery indicators
  • Black
  • 3000mAh battery
  • Php499
When the ASUS ZenPower Slim was launched in early August of this year, its official price tag was Php519 as per ASUS PH Facebook page. But as of this very moment, while I was typing this post, Lazada is offering the device for only P499. You can order it here.
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