Smart LTE Prime offers up to 3GB of data for only Php100

Smart communications Inc has been quite busy lately releasing new products and offerings for its subscribers all over the Philippines to enjoy and take advantage of. Over the last couple of months we have learned about the Smart Bro 2-in-1 LTE Pocket WiFi that just does not work as a mobile internet hub but also as a powerbank to other devices. Then just a couple of weeks back was the Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi device both for prepaid and postpaid users (click on the links to learn more about them). Today, another service has just been quietly made public. The Smart LTE Prime.

The Smart LTE Prime is a new data bundle service for prepaid subscribers that is aimed at heavy data users. And it comes in two packages - the Smart LTE Prime 50 and Smart LTE Prime 100.

The LTE Prime 50 comes with 1.5GB of data while the LTE Prime 100 offers 3GB data both valid for one day or 24 hours. Pricing is already given by package names, Php50 and Php100 respectively.

These are perfect for users who need more than 1GB of data a day for doing online activities like streaming music and videos, downloading heavy files for school or office projects, or simply for binge watching their favorite series on sites like Netflix or iFlix.

To register, simply text LTE50 or LTE100 to 9999.

Source: TeknoGadyet

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