An unnamed OPPO smartphone just unboxed by Julia Barretto, OPPO F5 Plus?

Just like Vivo Philippines, OPPO Philippines also has a ton of local brand ambassadors and many of them get early access to new devices that the Chinese company is about to launch in the country. The F3 Plus that was released earlier this year for example, Ella Cruz and Robi Domingo were the first ones to get their units and posted on their respective Instagram accounts announcing the giveaway promo. Today, that seems to be happening again and this time with Julia Barretto, at least for now.

Folks over at NoypiGeeks spotted an unannounced OPPO smartphone being uboxed by none other than Julia Barretto herself which she posted the quick unboxing video on her IG account. Watch it below.

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While Julia Barretto did not (accidentally) mention this phone's official name, I think it is safe to say that OPPO will call this F5 or F5 Plus for the bigger version making it a direct follow up to the F3 series that was launched in March of this year. Now why F5 or F5 Plus? What happened to F4? According to NoypiGeeks, it is because the number 4 signifies a not so good meaning in the Chinese culture.

But if you can remember, OPPO first released the F1 series in the Philippines and then followed by the current F3 and F3 Plus, F2 lineup was completely skipped. This is also the same case for R9 and R11 series by OPPO. Vivo, which is OPPO's sister company, started with V3, succeeded by V5 and V5+, and then now the newly launched V7+ smartphone. It appears that these two companies are skipping even numbers in naming their smartphones. I don't know why but if OPPO will continue to follow this same trend, then we are definitely looking at the F5 Plus being shown by Julia Barretto.

Our friends from GizGuide took a sceenshot of the card Julia showed during her unboxing and they noticed a #OPPOF5 hashtag. I think that's it!

So when this phone is going to be launched here? Julia Barretto confirmed that herself, and it's going to be next month, October. No exact date mentioned though.

Source: NoypiGeeks

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