Watch Game of Thrones Short Animated Part 1

Whenever HBO is releasing the Blu-Ray and DVD versions of its latest season of Game of Thrones TV series, they are including extra materials such as in the form of animated video clips. These animated videos give fans never-before-seen history and lore that spans thousands of years before the events of the show. This year, the most anticipated Season 7 of the series has already come to a conclusion, this also means Blu-Ray and DVD copies will be on its way very soon. And to officially announce its inevitable arrival, HBO just released a new short 4-minute animated clip on its YouTube channel, a part 1 of the whole "Conquest and Rebellion: An Animated History of the Seven Kingdoms" which is to be included in the DVD and Blu-Ray. Watch it below.

The Game of Thrones Season 7 DVD and Blu-Ray set will be released on December 12, 2017. But digital download will be available as early as September 25.

As for its Season 8, which will be the final installment of the series that HBO and its showrunners hope to give the series and fans around the globe the most epic and satisfying finale, reports has it that they plan to implement extra measures along the way to avoid major spoilers and leaks before and during the airing of the Season 8. One of the reported measures is that HBO is planning on shooting multiple endings, something that I think has never been done before on this particular show.

While that is a pretty smart move, I think, this will definitely cost them a lot of extra effort, hours and obviously money to shoot them all. I just hope, that all of those "alternate endings" will also be released together with the Blu-Ray and DVD sometime in 2019. And speaking of Season 8's release, unfortunately there is no final words yet as to when the that series finale will air, some say it's going to be sometime in 2019. One of the many reasons for such huge delay is the scope of the entire final season and all the things they need to address, come to an end, and answer all the hang ups that we have so far since Season 1.

Is the Season 8 will definitely be the end of the series? The short answer is yes since the show had already gone beyond its books counterpart. However, HBO is also working on possible live-action prequel spinoff series but that is not one of the priorities right now as they want everybody to focus on the Season 8.

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