Netflix Unleashes Final Trailer for Stranger Things Season 2

October 27 is nearing rapidly as we wait for the second season of Stranger Things. And while we excitedly wait for its official release on Netflix website, a brand new and final trailer has just been unleashed online for us fans to feast on and for the hype to rise up even higher once more! Will Byers and his team are back this year facing an even bigger monster probably from the Upside Down as well like last year's "Demigorgon".
In addition to The Flash Season 4 and Season 8 of the Game of Thrones, Stranger Things is also one of my most anticipated sequels right now. To be honest, I really did not watch the first Season of it last year until it was already gaining momentum from the blogs I follow and from my fellow geek friends on social media. So when I finally succumb to seeing it, I liked it immediately. So since watching the final episode, I have been anticipating to what's going to happen next to Will and his friends in Stranger things. Now that we are getting super close to the Season 2's release, Netflix has unloaded a brand new and final trailer for it which you can watch above, and boy it seems to be more massive than the first.

Stranger Things Season 2 will hit Netflix around the globe on October 27, 2017. Yes, just in time for the Halloween both here and in the US.
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