Vivo Announces $4 Billion Partnership with Qualcomm

Vivo officially entered the Philippine market in March of 2016. And since then, this China-based smartphone maker has been making waves in the local consumer tech scene with the release of its selfie-focused devices. Just in September of this year, the company released the V7+ with 18:9 aspect ration and rare 24MP front facing camera. Then later this month, we will be having the new V7 variant. Vivo has now becomes of the most popular and trusted smartphone brands in the Philippines, thanks to its products that really capture the hearts of young Filipino consumers. And with this success so far, Vivo is just beginning, it seems. That's because the company has just announced its partnership with the chip maker Qualcomm.

To maintain Vivo's top position in the technology and mobile phone arena, the smart phone brand and one of Qualcomm's key partners, has signed a memorandum of understanding worth 4 billion US dollars with Qualcomm last November 9, 2017. The said memorandum strengthened the two companies' technical partnership and patent sharing and will ensure that Vivo's position on top of the smartphone industry will maintain its momentum.

With the help of Qualcomm's optimized platforms, Vivo aims to stay faithful to its commitment of delivering innovations and technologies that are at the forefront in mobile photography, gaming, smart power saving, and many more. Vivo and Qualcomm are also working together on research and development in the biometrics space with the introduction of Vivo Under Display fingerprints scanning solution based on Qualcomm fingerprint sensors at the Mobile World Congress in July this year. This said innovation did not disappoint and as such, Vivo plans to continuously work on other technologies, particularly 3D facial identification, palm prints, fingerprints, iris scanning and other biometric technologies, to improve the ease-of-use and security of mobile phone biometrics.

Moreover, with the emergence of 5G, Vivo is looking closely into the significance of human-computer interaction in the 21st century world and has planned a series of collaborative initiatives to celebrate the formulation of 5G standards. In terms of 5G SoC (System on Chip), Vivo will also share its many years of consumer market experience with Qualcomm to provide consumers with a better and more customized user experience.

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