Vivo V7 is also Coming, with the Same 24MP Selfie Camera

Christmas is just a month away from today, and while we now only have one month left in the calendar to officially end the year, there are still a couple of smartphones that are coming our way. I am pretty sure you are almost ready with your Christmas wishlist, but you may want to hold it a little longer before you start shopping for this particular reason. Vivo Philippines is about to release a brand new Selfie centric smartphone offering by the name of Vivo V7. If what I hear is accurate, this phone will be coming out this month.

Details surrounding this Vivo V7 is pretty limited at this time, though we have seen some teaser photos already up online. But if the promotional image above is any indication and knowing that this device shares the same name with the current Vivo V7+, we are looking at almost the same-looking device with the same innovative 24MP front facing camera and the 18:9 aspect ratio AllScreen display.

If the traditional naming of smartphones is also to be followed by Vivo, this means that the V7 is a slight watered down version of the V7+ sibling both in terms of specs and pricing. How much trimmed down is the question we have right now.

Some rumors and unconfirmed reports of course have something to say about this. One from YugaTech for example, they reported that this smartphone will sport a 5.7-inch HD+ AllScreen display, V7+ has 5.99inch. As for the processor, YugaTech reported it to have an octa-core Snapdragon chip along with the same 4GB RAM and a much smaller 32GB default storage. And most of all, according to the verifiable source, the Vivo V7 will have a Php14,990 SRP right out of the box when launched this month.

Whether these are accurate or not, we will all know once Vivo Philippines officially makes the announcement. So please take everything with a grain of salt for now, and stay tuned for more details.

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