A Single's Survival Guide to Maxing Out Valentine's Day

Valentine's is right here and right now, and that tired shade of red and pink decor are in every street and establishment possible. Moreover, it's that time of year when the candy and floral industry are being overly aggressive by doing everything possible to get lovers to purchase their products. What's worse it this entire thing lasts an entire month, and you, being one without a significant other, have to walk through this predicament whether you like it or not. And then all of these have to inevitably come together to amplify the sweetness of couples all over,  which include your couple friends - and you have to bear witness to everything. Oh, the pain.

Without a doubt, with all of these things happening, being a strong and independent person will surely be a tinge more difficult, especially when all efforts of every establishment is existence are directed towards lovebirds. What is a solo flyer like you are going to do, right? Well, lucky for you, ASUS Philippines has prepared a short guide to escaping this love month with no damages. Of course, the success rate of these life hacks will be even higher with the help of your most trusted device - the ZenFone Max Plus!

1. Binge-watch and Chill

The first step will probably be the best step to do on this very day: cuddle with your go-to pillow, grab that ever-reliable 18:9 Full View Full High Definition+ smartphone of yours, and stream your shows in the comfort of your room! Enjoy your favorites in the clearest view possible and in comfortable silence of your personal space without being bothered by couples being all googly-eyed-lovely-dovey around you.

2. Gaming all night long

Trust us on this: you have other friends aside from your couple-friends. Call them up, create a world of your own - one louder than the little bubble-of-a-worl couples usually have, and play the heck out of those awesome mobile games! And to ensure victory over noobs, make sure your friends never run out of battery. Lucky for you, your phone is capable of sharing its juice with a specialty that's sure to win you any game: reverse-charging! Just plug another phone into your phone with the help of an On-the-Go (OTG) cable, and voila! You're charging up your friends' phones!

3. Home sweet home

PSA: Valentine's season isn't just for couples. It's a celebration of love in all forms. You should be free to spend the day with loved ones of any kind. So punch romance in its face and go out with friends and family. Don't forget to enjoy and take insta-worthy wefies with them using your awesome 8MP selfie camera!

4. Take your self out on a fancy date

Self love is also love. Treat yourself - get yourself some fancy food or get some fancy gift, and don't be too stingy about it. Besides, you deserve a prize for your being strong and independent self, amidst all of the craziness that Valentine's month brings. Don't be scared to whip your 16MP+8MP dual rear camera and document this moment too! It's payday week as well, so there's really nothing for you to worry about.

With these hacks, you can come out of Valentine's season unscathed! And even more so triumphant as long as you have the right kind of smartphone in your hand. So, just for the strong and independent you, ZenFone Max Plus was born.

This addition to the lineage of battery royals is designed to cater to your independent lifestyle. This smartphone features an 18:9 Full View Full HD+ display for clearer and wider viewing of anything you want to enjoy for yourself. The ZenFone Max Plus also touts a large 4130mAh battery that is strong enough to endure all kinds of activities you can think of. Moreover, its 16MP+8MP dual rear camera and an 8MP front camera are for catching the best moments you might want to keep, whether you're alone or with your friends and family. For unfailing security, ASUS also included a special facial recognition technology along with a fingerprint sensor to guarantee your safety and privacy. Best of all, this smartphone is available for only Php11,995.

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