Deadpool 2 Trailer is Here!

In a surprising revelation, 20th Century Fox, unexpectedly unleashes the first official trailer for the much anticipated Deadpool 2 sequel, giving us a full look at Josh Brolin's Cable (a time-traveling mutant from the future) character as well as at the returning cast and humor, especially Wade Wilson or Deadpool himself. Watch it below.

This is one hell of a funny trailer. Why? Because Deadpool makes a couple of humorous references to other movies like the Avengers and Justice League. For example, he mentions to Dale (the special effects guy probably) "It's not like we're trying to remove a mustache" after spotting an unfinished CGI job on Cable's arm which is supposed to be made of metal. Another is by saying, "ah, fuck it, I'll do it myself!", just like what Thano's line was in the after credits of the Avenger Age of Ultron movie (minus the f bomb).

I can't wait to see the actual movie itself when it is released a couple of months.

Deadpool 2 comes to theaters this May.

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