Street Fighter IV Champion Edition Arrives on Android But...

But you probably will not be able to download it to your device. That's because a lot of users are only seeing "device not compatible" error upon landing on the Google App Store page. Check it yourself and let us know if you can download it now through the comments section below. I hope this is just a minor glitch that will be fixed very soon.

So to the main announcement, yes the much anticipated mobile game Street Fighter IV Champion Edition has now finally arrived on Android platform. Users can now simply head to this link to the Google Play Store and start downloading.

The game is free-to-download from Google Play and has a very limited free-to-play mode available right off the bat. There is just one character to play which is I think already enough for users to test the game out and see if they would like to unlock the full version to the tune of $4.99 (Php260). The full version offers 32 playable characters. I heard players can also take on another players through the online PvP battle mode, and I think that is very very exciting.

And then in addition to the 32 playable characters, Android users get an exclusive character, a fan-favorite - Dan.

Unfortunately, I tried downloading the game on my Huawei Nova 2i and ZenFone 4 Max Lite, which I believe both have met and exceeded the minimum system requirements to download, and yet I was still shown the device not compatible error.

I am one of the 90s kids who grew up playing these Street Fighter game series on consoles and arcade centers. I used to know all the best combo attacks, stages, special moves as well as secret characters and how to unlock them back in the days. So knowing that this particular installment of the game has reached the Android platform, I was so excited to download it and try on my phone, only to find out that I can't (hopefully at the moment).

I will continue to check this game on Google Play, and update this post if I notice any fix of changes.

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