You Can Now Top up Your Beep Card via Coins.Ph Digital Wallet, through their official site, has officially announced their partnership with beepTM that will allow their users to top up their beep card with just a single tap on their NFC-enabled smartphone. So if you are a Coins and beep card user, this team up will greatly benefit you and will save you a lot of time lining up at the stations just to get your beep card reloaded. Plus, this new service is available 24/7.

With this new feature, we can now load our beep card using our funds starting at Php10.00, and the funds will be available instantaneously. What's more is, there is no additional fee to use this service.

However, there are two main requirements that we need to meet before we can start using this feature with our digital wallet. First is the smartphone should be NFC equipped and enabled, without this, we can't use the new service. Second is the app should be updated to the most recent version.

In case you don't know what is, it is one of those digital wallet services that we can use to pay our bills, send and receive money, buy prepaid loads, and buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. And it is licensed by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to operate in the country, which means its operations are in-line with those of Banko Sentral's guidelines and regulations. 


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