Is an Avengers-Themed OnePlus 6 Smartphone Coming?

It is highly likely to happen actually, especially knowing that last year we had a Star Wars-inspired version of the OnePlus 5T variant. Now if the latest material (above) released by OnePlus itself is any indication, it appears that this time around we will be having an Avengers-themed OnePlus 6 offering. This is very timely since Avengers Infinity War is set to arrive in theaters worldwide on April 27 (April 25th in the Philippines,actually).

As you can see in the very short video clip above, it is teasing the OnePlus logo being intercut with the Avengers' together with its official theatrical score.

As for the upcoming OnePlus 6 smartphone itself, it is now known that it will definitely sport a notch of its own, similar to most flagship and midrange Android devices released this year. Rumors suggest that this could be powered by the latest Snapdragon 845 processor together with an 8GB of RAM and internal storage size of 256GB. 

And oh, the video above was originally (and mistakenly) published on OnePlus India Facebook page, which is now taken down. 

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